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We are very pleased to announce that there will be an excellent representation of small artisan producers from the United Kingdom at the 2019 Real Wine Fair. These dedicated people farm either organically or biodynamically, and make wines, ciders and eaux-de-vie with minimal interventions or additions.

Ancre Hill winery

Will Davenport

Ancre Hill Estates of Monmouth, Wales, was founded in 2006 and initially comprised 4 ha of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Albariño and Triomphe, with a further 8 ha planted in 2016 and 2017. Biodynamic practices were adopted in 2010 to protect the integrity of the land and the wines. Organic and biodynamic certifications were achieved in 2013 and 2014 respectively through Demeter. The wines are made with as little interference as possible in a purpose-built straw-bale winery. They believe in a long, slow élevage with extended time on lees creating wines which are true to vintage and provenance.

Originally planted in 1991, Davenport Vineyards have expanded to cover 20 acres of vines, certified organic since 2000, making them one of the most established and largest organic vineyards in the UK. Their aim is to create wine of the highest quality possible which is a true expression of the grape varieties, soil and climate of the vineyards. This is done by interfering as little as possible, reducing the use of chemicals in both the vineyard and the winery and letting nature take its course. The use of organic methods has also had the benefit of minimising their impact on the environment. Amongst other wines they will be showing their zero-sulphur new release Pet Nat.

Home Farm (Tillingham)

Forty Hall

Tillingham is a young winery near Rye in East Sussex. Ben Walgate is already making waves with his range of exciting wines and ciders, made with minimal intervention. Everything is fermented with its own yeasts in a variety of vessels, many in Georgian terracotta qvevri buried in an adjacent oast house. Ben will be showing an array of new vintages at The Real Wine Fair including a pet nat cider fermented on grape skins.
Forty Hall Vineyard is a not-for-profit social enterprise situated in north London. The 10-acre organic vineyard is run and managed by local people and is the first commercial-scale vineyard in London since the Middle Ages. Forty Hall Vineyard works with award-winning winemaker, Will Davenport from Davenport Vineyards to produce still and sparkling wines which reflect the distinctive character of the grapes.

Uncompromising and exquisite, the eaux de vie produced by the Capreolus Distillery capture the essence of their local fruits. Drawing on small family farms, each harvest arrives at its absolute peak of perfection. From within the humble setting of a converted greenhouse these brandies are distilled, taking up to 45kg of fruit to produce each litre of finished product. Intensive work that results in small but beautiful expressions of fruit from a particular vintage.

We’re excited about the real diversity represented with these five UK artisans, each project working to shared principles, the fruits of which are all wonderfully unique.

Barney Wilczak of Capreolus

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