The Real Wine Fair


The Real Wine is a celebration of terroirs and the hard work and skill of independent, artisan growers who look after it to produce beautiful wines.

There are four simple objectives:

To showcase some of the world’s most talented artisan vignerons under one roof; to illustrate the existing diversity and personality of naturally-made wines; to allow growers and customers to exchange information and ideas and, of course, to have fun!

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If you missed the Real Wine Fair 2024 and would like to see who was there. Download The Real Wine Fair 2024 Catalogue



What are people saying?

  • The fair was great, especially the second day, so many good people had so many good questions. I loved it. Thanks a lot for the invitation!
  • real wine - real event - real friends - real show - real people - real cool thanks to give us the opportunity to present a small winery like ours at this great place in London
  • Amazed once again with the power of Real Wine Fair. There is no such place with so many interesting growers, customers and diversity!!!
  • At a time when standardization seems to be the main trend, it is not only refreshing but also invigorating to see that there are wines, food and most importantly people who remain not only authentic but also dedicated to keep this world as diverse and as creative as possible!