‘Real wine’ is a term embracing wines that are made organically, biodynamically and naturally. By no means precise nor prescriptive it serves chiefly to highlight growers who work with minimal mediation, ideally to obtain the purest articulation of terroir, fruit and vintage.

All great wine begins in the vineyard and is ultimately the result of sensitive farming. It is important that growers farm sustainably and with a sense of environmental responsibility, ensuring the natural balance and health of the vineyard. The juice from the resultant grapes should then ideally, be guided to the bottle with the fewest manipulations in order to create a vital and singular – rather than an homogenous – product. This sympathetic interpretation and transformation of nature’s gifts lies at the heart of what makes a wine “real.”

Foradori's Biodynamic Vineyard

Foradori’s Biodynamic Vineyard


The Real Wine Fair is a celebration of the labour, craft and skill of small independent vine growers.

There are four simple objectives:

  1. To showcase some of the world’s most talented artisan vignerons under one roof
  2. To illustrate the exciting diversity and personality of naturally-made wines
  3. To allow growers and customers to exchange information and ideas
  4. To have fun!

Featuring over 160 organic/biodynamic and natural winemakers from around the world, a roster of superb guest speakers for the seminars and masterclasses, a busy on-site wine shop, and bustling street food stalls dispensing tasty morsels, the 2016 Real Wine Fair welcomed record numbers of trade and consumer visitors (including guests from the US, Japan, Scandinavia and Australia), and was, without doubt, our most successful and critically-acclaimed event to date.

The Fair now operates ‘2 years on, 1 year off’. During our first sabbatical we organised a succession of more intimate growers’ tastings, master-classes and themed dinners as well as running a variety of innovative promotions. These included the first ever tasting in the UK devoted purely to amphora wines called “Feats of Clay”; regular Sherry & Tapas Crawls, and big cookouts in the countryside with visiting Australian natural winemakers. The next sabbatical is due in 2018 with the Fair running again in 2019.