Woodfine Wine

WOODFINE WINE, Buckinghamshire, England

Their land has been converted to organic status and they use regenerative agricultural methods such as grazing animals, chickens, pigs, wildflower meadows, nesting boxes and bees to support natural management of the land, thereby improving organic carbon burial in the soil and the biodiversity of our ecosystem. 20% of the vineyard is dedicated to PIWIs that haven’t been sprayed since planting. They have never sprayed copper or herbicides. They selectively use biodynamic compost and spray preparations and some Korean Natural Farming techniques, including horn silica, equisetum, dandelion, yarrow, organic essential oils (thyme and eucalyptus), organic whey, fermented fruit juice, fermented plant juice and more. The aspiration is always to make natural wine, with zero additions of sulphites, yeast, sugar, fining agents or chemicals of any kind.

Imported by: Les Caves De Pyrène

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