Cooperativa Valli Unite


Valli Unite was born in 1981 from the shared decision of three young farmers not to pursue the myth of the city and the factory, but to stay in the countryside and reactivate forms of shared farming and sustainable agriculture in their native land on the Tortona Hills, Costa Vescovato (AL) in Piedmont.   Merging their vineyards, they built stalls for their farm animals using entirely reclaimed materials, so they could use organic manure to fertilise their fields and wines.  It wasn’t long before the three founding members were joined by young people, both local and from elsewhere, who saw in this unusual aggregative form – an agricultural workers’ cooperative. These were years of hard work and strong ideals: organic farming was naturally chosen as a means to safeguard the environment and one’s health.   They ventured into natural winemaking in 2006, and by 2013 they were working entirely with spontaneous fermentations and no addition of products allowed by organic standards, except for minimal quantities of sulfites (<40 mg/l).

Today, the Cooperative, consisting of 23 worker members and around fifteen employees, raises 50 Piedmontese breed cattle, works 23 hectares of vineyards (producing approximately 120,000 bottles of wine), about 1 hectare of vegetable garden, 80 hectares of rotating fields with alfalfa, barley, wheat, and woodland. They are involved in beekeeping, honey production, manage the agritourism (with a 60-seat restaurant, 3 mini-apartments, camping), and operate the company shop. The door is open; come and visit us at Valli Unite!

Imported by Les Caves De Pyrène

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