Alonso y Pedrajo


Alonso & Pedrajo: A close and long-lasting friendship between two families who encouraged each other to embark on the dream journey of making their own wine. They wanted to live their project to the last drop. To attend and savor each stage with the attention and detail it requires. They move from theory to practice in 2011. They chose the land, and, in October 2013, they had their first harvest. They have come a long yet very intense way. And they are proud of the first results: the respect and the minimum intervention in the cultivation and vinification techniques already allow us to produce wines that seek to surprise with their character and originality not forgetting the origin of the grapes of the most western Rioja at the foot of the Montes Obarenes.

They are the first generation, the first in our family to dedicate themselves to the vineyard and to winemaking. For them, the pride is precisely to begin this adventure that is changing their way of living and of considering their future increasingly close to the land, the people, and the wine. They hope to be the origin that will allow future generations to say that the cultivation of vineyards has been a tradition in their family.

Imported by: Les Caves de Pyrène

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