Wine au Naturel podcast: an audio interview with Jenny Lefcourt of Jenny & Francois Selections


Jenny & Francois have in large part been responsible for introducing America to the wonderful world of natural wine. Their company began in 2000 after Jenny, a native New Yorker, met Francois while studying French Film in Paris. Today, the company imports and distributes wine from some of the natural wine world’s most prominent growers as well as many lesser known gems. Outside New York they work with distributors throughout the US, ensuring an entire country has the opportunity to sip these artisan wines. We were fortunate enough to chat with Jenny about everything from her desert island wine, to how her palate has changed, to what the natural wine scene in New York is like today.


For a list of which growers Jenny & Francois bring into the states, head to their website. And be sure to watch their ‘Things People Like About Natural Wines’ videos!

Photograph by Buff Strickland for

Photograph by Buff Strickland for

“We present the wines of small vineyards in this competitive worldwide market, in order to defend an endangered species — winemakers who work like artisans, crafting a different wine each year. They do not impose a preconceived taste on their wines, but look to be surprised by what nature gives them — natural wines.” -Jenny Lefcourt

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