Real Wine Fair Update!

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The Overview

  • So far over 140 growers have signed up for the 2017 Real Wine Fair
  • 14 countries represented
  • Showing 700 + wines
  • Leading organic, biodynamic and natural vignerons
  • Numerous growers making their Real Wine Fair debut


What’s being poured

Feats of clay – growers from Georgia, Italy, Spain and US (amongst others) working with terracotta pots to hold and shape their wine

Orange wines – over 50 examples of orange and skin contact wines – some provocative, others less so!

Altitude – mountain wines from vineyards at 1,000 m including some of the highest in Europe.

Extreme terroir – from vines grown on sand dunes to those perched precariously on the footslopes of volcanoes

Grape variety is the spice of life – dozens of rare and unusual autochthonous grapes

Animal traction – using horses and oxen to plough the vineyards

Biodynamics – exemplary farming in tune with the environment and the rhythms of nature

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Other attractions

Food – hot and cold running street food from London restaurant, artisan bread and coffee

The shop – try before you buy at the fair. A selection of 200+ wines from growers present at the fair

The seminars – 6 fascinating talks on a variety of aspects of “real wine” culture

The wider picture

The Real Wine Month – the biggest UK wine promotion returns!

Wines promoted and poured by the glass throughout the UK

Pop up natural wine bars; masterclasses; dinners

Real Wine Ireland

And much much more…

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What to do

Trade: Register HERE

Member of the public? Buy tickets in advance for only £20 HERE

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