Thomas De Marne

THOMAS DE MARNE, Champagne – Organic

Thomas de Marne runs what was previously his family estate in the village of Ville-sur-Arce, and is building on the work of his parents (Thierry de Marne and Valerie Frison) who took over the vines in 1997.  After initially selling their grapes to the local cooperative, they began converting the vineyards to organic viticulture in 2003, and in 2007, the first vintage eligible for organic certification, they began to make small quantities of their own champagne under the name De Marne Frison.  Thierry and Valerie separated in 2013 at which time the estate was relaunched by Valerie as Champagne Val Frison.   Thomas, now in his 30s, returned to the 6 hectare estate in 2018 to run things alongside his mum, before taking over all operations in 2020.

Imported by: Les Caves De Pyrène

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