Lost in a Field

LOST IN A FIELD, Tim Wildman, England

Established by Tim Wildman MW in 2021, Lost in a Field is on a mission to rescue the fast disappearing heritage grape varieties planted in the UK in the last century and to craft them into delicious pét-nat using low intervention winemaking methods.

This is our Great British old vine story, seen through the technicolour prism of the heritage varieties planted in the 1960s, 70s and 80s by eccentric amateurs. These early pioneers were hobbyists, Burgundian-style grower-maker vignerons, farming small vine-gardens and making wine in sheds and garages, a grass roots community all but swept away by the modern industry.

Tim and his team at Lost in a Field embrace this amateur have-a-go ethos and legacy of old heritage vineyards.


Imported by: Les Caves De Pyrène

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