Domaine La Garagista


Located on Mount Hunger at the edge of the Chateauguay and in the Piedmont chain of hills in Barnard, Vermont La Garagista make natural wine and ciders.  The land has been part of small homestead farming for over two hundred years and care and observation is paid to the native terroir, a whole-farm and diverse agriculture where not only vines are grown but also vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs for their restaurant kitchen.  In 2014 the small farm grew to encompass two older parcels of vineyard in the Champlain Valley of Vermont allowing them to extend their farming efforts in a valley landscape.   The work carried out at the farm and winery, both in the field and in the cellar, is guided by organic, permaculture, and biodynamic thought. The mission is to care for the land in creative and natural ways, making way for an honest narrative told by the wines that expresses the unique landscape and vintage, and to share in and support the spirited food and agriculture of the community.

Imported by: Les Caves de Pyrène

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