Kelley Fox Wines

KELLEY FOX WINES, Portland – Biodynamic

Kelley Fox Wines is a small winery created in 2007 along with her father, Gerson “Gus” Stearns. Lived in the Willamette Valley since the late 80’s, Kelley find herself loving Oregon more every year. The first vintage (2007) started with just over 100 cases. The annual case production is now around 5500 cases. The wines are made to reflect the land, the vines, the fruit of the vines, the year, and everything else unknown and unseen that comes with those things. They are Oregon wines, and hopefully, they are wines specifically of their vineyards. That said, the wines are not really “made” at all.

“I am not Pygmalion, imposing my idea of what they should be onto them. It is a vulnerable approach, but to me, it’s how this work becomes non-hierarchical and respecting life. What I am doing-and it still takes a lot of inner and outer work-and being in the silence- is responding to the essence of the fruit from each block, which I hope is carrying the essence of the earth that bore it, along with the details of the year (the weather, the stars, and the planets, etc. etc.). As I age having worked like this for so long, I feel profound gratitude to be on this walk”.

Imported by: Les Caves de Pyrène

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