Dominio del Urogallo


Although Dominio del Urogallo currently does not use the Calidad de Cangas label, it is, in fact, within the region and a driving force in raising the overall quality. Fran Asencio is the man behind Dominio del Urogallo, fascinated to work with old vines, steep slopes, complex soils and cooler climate. He now has about 14 hectares of vines, which he brought to health through organic and biodynamic farming and restored structurally by back-breaking manual labour. He is striving to create a forum for the voice of Cangas to speak. This means using the local varieties, fermenting with indigenous yeast and making the wine with as little manipulation and intervention as possible. Mencía, Albarín Tinto, Albarín Blanco, Carrasquín, Verdejo Tinto (Trousseau) and a host of autochthonous varieties are planted on slate, quartz and anthracite.

Imported by Les Caves De Pyrène

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