Domaine Pierre Frick

DOMAINE PIERRE FRICK, Pfaffenheim – Biodynamic

Domaine Pierre Frick

The Pierre Frick Estate has had close ties with the region for twelve generations, and looks after 12 hectares (30 acres) of vineyards today. Organic farming has been practiced since 1970 and biodynamic farming since 1981. Grapes are picked and selected by hand. The juice is fermented using only indigenous yeasts. Because there is no added sugar, no correction to acidity levels, no physical treatment and no additives except some sulphur, each cuvee is a faithful and balanced reflection of the vineyard site, the vintage and the treatment of the vines during the year. Many wines are vinified without adding sulphur. Jean Pierre does not “make” wines, rather allows them to develop their own lively, healthy and authentic character. 

Imported by: Les Caves de Pyrène

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