Domaine Achillée & Pépin

DOMAINE DE L’ACHILLÉE & PEPIN, Scherwiller – Organic and Biodynamic

The Dietrich family has farmed land in Alsace since 1600, mostly in the village of Scherwiller, but also in an adjacent village. In the past the family farm used to be run on the basis of polyculture but these days the family concentrates on growing grape vines and other fruit. In 1999 Yves converted the estate to organic farming (at the time he would sell his grapes to the local Cave cooperative), Pierre and Jean took over the responsibility of the winery in 2016 and were the first members of the family to bottle the estate’s wines. The estate has been farmed biodynamically ever since 2003 and includes 18.5 hectares of vines and 6 hectares of fruit trees from which the family produce Pet. Nats. from black and red cherries, damsons and victoria plums. The cellar, located in the center of Alsace wine road, is the largest building in Europe made out of straw.


Imported by: Les Caves De Pyrène

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