Weingut Bianka und Daniel Schmitt

WEINGUT BIANKA UND DANIEL SCHMITT, Germany – Organic and biodynamic

Bianka and Daniel took over the winery since 2012 as 4th generation. Their philosophy is a merge of bringing the flow of energies, the individual terroir and varietal characteristics from the vineyards to the bottled state of wine. The wines are elegant and outbalanced.
They’re based in Flörsheim-Dalsheim in the south of Rheinhessen, called Wonnegau. All the vineyards are in Flörsheim-Dalsheim and the neighbor villages Monsheim and Kriegsheim.
Working biodynamically is a lifestyle that includes producing and spreading preparations in the vineyards as well as social interactions. The interactions between the life in the soil (like bacteria, mykorizen, plants as green cover and the vines) are composed with each other. Vines become stronger and get more vitality from a living soil, not from chemical treatments.
This active interaction in the soil life, the mutual strengthening of the plants result in stronger resilience for the vines which reflects the high quality of the grape, supports the presence of the individual soil types (calcareous soil covered by clay and partly loess, pebble). Over the last decade the wines became more and more rich in extracts, vital and stable. By working according to the biodynamic principles, biodiversity is supported as an automatic successor. As a result, the vineyards and the biotopes created by Bianka and Daniel offer a home for a diverse and local animal community.
After hand picking, the grapes are processed with or without skin maceration. And rest in wooden oaks (5000L, 3000L, 1200L, 600L) or clay amphorae (1200L, 300L) for at least 12 months on the whole yeast depot. The focus is on offering an optimal aging potential for the years to come.
In order to support the collegial exchange and to enable operational training in the field of biodynamic agriculture, Bianka and Daniel and their winery are proud members of the Renaissance des Appellations, Demeter and Vinnatur associations.

Imported by: Les Caves De Pyrène

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