Domaine Les Terres Promises

DOMAINE LES TERRES PROMISES, JEAN-CHRISTOPHE COMOR, Coteaux Varois-en-Provence – Organic – Certified AB Ecocert

Les Terres Promises are on the eastern flank of Mount Sainte Baume and comprise 15 hectares. In order to offer live and ”inimitable” wines, they work the land and vineyards with organic farming practices. Work in the cellar is with the same meticulous attention to detail, in order to preserve the fruit and freshness. Their aim is simply, to highlight what makes wine: The lands in which the roots of the vines plunge, the general climate of the seasons of each vintage and the gestures of the winemaker who in partnership with nature bring it into the world. In addition, they work 3ha in the appellation of Bandol, in the towns of Castellet and Cadiere d’Azur.

Imported by: Les Caves De Pyrène

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