Distillerie Artisanale Cazottes


Laurent CazottesThe region of Midi-Pyrenées in the South-Est of France is a place where fruit and vine cultivation has been a tradition for over a millennium and where Laurent Cazottes found the perfect place to distillate the highest quality eau de vie and liqueurs. The distillation process is a way to concentrate tastes and essences, that is why since the very beginning the Distillerie Cazottes has only used organically grown fruits. Made without sulphur, artificial yeasts or enzymes, Laurent Cazottes lets nature do the talking. It is all about picking the fruits when they have reached optimal maturity, all fruits are processed one-by-one and by hand and the vineyards receive the same care and attention as the orchards. The work is a labour of love and totally artisanal.

Imported by: Les Caves de Pyrène

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