I Vigneri di Salvo Foti e Figli

I VIGNERI Di Salvo Foti e Figli, Etna – Organic

I Vigneri have been making wines on the Etna for more than thirty years, with non-invasive tools and methods, and the utmost respect for tradition and their ancient vineyards. The production philosophy is: “Human wines produced with respect for People and the Environment”. At the centre of the winery is an ancient Etnean Palmento made of lava stone where – as it has always been done on Etna – they produce wine. “Human Wine” is for us the continuation of the agricultural and viticultural practices of our ancestors. Salvo explains: “We do not use plastic to tie the vines, only organic ropes made of natural fibres. We don’t use big and heavy tractors in the our vineyards. The fertilizer for our vineyards is sheep manure that comes from local sheepfolds reared in a natural way. In the vineyard we prefer to do little or no treatment, only with sulphur or copper. The health and preservation of our land is an essential goal for us. All our vineyards are terraced to preserve and safeguard the territory. All our vineyards are worked within natural ecosystems, oaks, chestnuts, wild aromatic plants (oregano, thyme, helichrysum, giant valerian, etc.) in order to preserve and protect insects such as bees, butterflies, etc. Our vineyards share the land with other native plants – apples, cherries, pears, hazelnuts, plums and strawberries, in order to reduce the impact of monoculture and increase biodiversity.”

Imported by: Les Caves de Pyrène

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