Dominio del Urogallo



Winemaker Nicolás Marcos travelled France and Toro before taking his passion for wine making to Asturias. In recent history the area has succumbed to a number of problems, including extreme weather and phylloxera, meaning the region itself has not been a forerunner in wine production for some time, despite traditionally producing wine since the 9th century. The region around Cangas del Narcea where Marcos resides is however undertaking a revival and is currently classified as Vinos de Calidad de Cangas, and there is a petition working to elevate it to official D.O. status.  Although Dominio del Urogallo currently does not use the Calidad de Cangas label, it is, in fact, within the region and a driving force in raising the overall quality. With 14 hectares of vines, which Marcos restored to health through biodynamic farming and structural restoration, he is striving to create a forum for the voice of Cangas to speak. This means using the local varieties, fermenting with indigenous yeast and making the wine with as little manipulation and intervention as possible.



Imported by Les Caves De Pyrène

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