Domaine Elian Da Ros


Created in 1998, the estate is located in the Southwest of France and covers 19ha. Certified organic since 2000, and also following biodynamic principles, they harvest everything by hand, only use natural yeasts and very little S02.  Their focus is to take care of the vineyard, believing that working organically is the least they can do and that they need to take this further to enhance the life of  the land.  Understanding how nature functions is a must in order to respond appropriately.  Natural wine making is based on daily observations, adaptations, anticipations and hard team work!  Producing wine with low S02 is the final step but it can only be possible if the farming work is done with conscience and comprehension of the living elements. “We should never forget that Terroir is made of minerals but also of living organisms who deserve our respect”.


Imported by: Les Caves de Pyrène

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