Domaine Albert de Conti


The Albert de Conti team – the third generation of this wine producing family – have 30 hectares of organic farming in production, but they still have a large number of projects in mind, with the aim of moving towards biodynamics and agroforestry.  They produce a range of wines consistent with the traditions of the Bergerac appellation, both in terms of the grape varieties used and the style of wine.

« Cuvée des Conti » has been their flagship cuvée for 30 years; « Conti-ne Périgourdine » the beautiful Muscadelle, and the cuvée « Chez Paul » which is pure Cabernet-Sauvignon, already offers three serious and renowned wines. « La Vigne d’Albert » and « Pétillant Naturel » are part of the estate’s heritage: Two sulphur-free and quirky wines which, in just a few years, have found their audience. All stocks are managed in allocations and the wines are out of stock a few weeks after bottling… Attention wine lovers!  But the desire to look elsewhere for exotic flavours has won over the trio now. Two new grape varieties, completely new in the appellation, will be planted in the spring of 2022: work in progress and surprises.

Imported by: Les Caves de Pyrène

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