Bodegas Mengoba

BODEGAS MENGOBA, Bierzo – Organic

Winemaker Gregory Pérez takes great pride in the artisanal work carried out in the vineyard and dedicates all his energy and passion in to respecting and sustaining the winery, highlighting the personality of each terroir and contributing to the production of original natural wines. Only native grape varieties are used as they are better adapted to the vineyard environment, herbicides are prohibited and any treatments carried out are proportionate to the threat of each disease or pest – lower doses provide a more gentle treatment for the vineyard, ensuring its health and survival. Gregory only uses traditional methods when making the wine believing that only these are capable of reflecting the terroir. Yeast specific to each vineyard ensures a diversity of flavours and personality for each wine. By respecting the origin of the grape, an authentic wine is created.

Imported by: Les Caves de Pyrène

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