Cati Ribot – Ve D’ Avior

CATI RIBOT – VE D’AVIOR, Mallorca, Islas Baleares

Cati Ribot started making natural wines in 2019.  Her project was born out of the family bodega, Galmés i Ribot, where they had been making more conventional wines in the past.  They have 13ha, organic certified since 2010, they also use biodynamic methods.  She is a 3rd generation viñador from a family with a long history of experimenting with local varieties on the island of Mallorca.   In 2006 she started a joint project with the IRFAP (Balearic gov’t department set up to study local forgotten varieties). They planted an experimental vineyard with escursac, argamussa, giró negre, vinater blanc & callet negrella. Once the results of the studies came though, they decided to graft many of their vineyards to these varieties – in particular escursac & callet negrella, as well as some other varieties – some of which were authorised (and some not..).  They grubbed up the Chardonnay and regrafted Cab and Merlot and now focus solely on giró ros, prensal blanc, escursac, callet, fogoneu, callet negrella, esperó de gall, giró negre & Malvasia.


Imported by: Les Caves De Pyrène

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