Azienda Agricola Bera Vittorio & Figli


The Artesana hills are lean and mean hills but wonderfully suitable for the production of quality wines. According to ancient chronicles “the greatest fruit of these lands is its wine, dainty and perfect.” In 1758 forefather Giovanni Battista Bera acquired some vineyards in Canelli that belonged to the sovereign of Malta, who then transferred them into a family run estate. Since then they have continued to cultivate that same estate and to vinify the same grapes that have always been grown. This sense of continuity has led to the choice of becoming organic in 1964 and has become their true philosophy in life. Nowadays, the ten hectares of land are worked on by Vittorio Bera and family at the heart of the classic Moscato d’Asti producing area. The vines are cultivated with the most stringent organic methods and are certified by ICEA. The “naturalness” that is adopted in the vineyard is then pursued in the wine cellar as well. Wines are vinified according to traditional methods and any modern “interventionist” ideas such as the use of selected yeasts, enzymes, and various chemical treatments are rejected.


Imported by: Les Caves de Pyrène

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