In tandem with the tasting, The Real Wine Fair will be featuring as usual a series of seminars and tasting masterclasses given by growers, winemakers and wine trade experts.

**Please note we are now fully booked for all four seminars**



12noon – 12:45pm – Heidi Nam Knudsen & Jon Passmore Re-tasting wine: How we can become more informed drinkers.  

The founders of A Thousand Decisions, an alternative course for wine education, focusing on vineyard practices and winemaking techniques, will be discussing subjective versus objective taste, and how our choices as consumers can help change the wine world. **Fully Booked**

1:15pm – 2pm – Ines Salpico, Jamie Goode & Growers – A Country of One’s Own – Portugal’s Quiet Wine Revolution.  

Portuguese producers are quietly but steadfastly rediscovering and reinventing the country’s winemaking traditions. Pedro Marques (Vale da Capucha), Vasco Croft (Aphros Wines) and Luis Mota Capitão (Herdade do Cebolal), key figures in this movement, will share their views with Ines Salpico and Jamie Goode compering. We will taste three of their wines along with regional nibbles. **Fully Booked**

2:30pm – 3:30pm – Simon Woolf – Brave Orange New World

Simon Woolf, author of Amber Revolution: How The World Learned To Love Orange Wine, the first book on this subject, will be hosting a masterclass tasting of amber wines from the New World, featuring examples from Evan Lewandowski, Beckham Estate, La Garagista and Intellego Wines. **Fully Booked**

4pm – 5pm – Alex Thorp & Growers – The German Natural Wine Scene 

Alex Thorp of Wines Under The Bonnet will compere a “German Growers’ Masterclass”. German natural wines are beginning to capture the hearts and minds of many a sommelier and independent retailer. Michael Völker (2Naturkinder), Daniel Brand (Weingut Brand) and Daniel Schmitt will reflect on their personal experiences and give an overview of the current German natural wine scene. **Fully Booked**


12noon onwards – BYO Podcast Live at The Real Wine Fair 

On Monday, the seminar room will be given over to BYO Podcast (Derek Morrison and Mike Hopkins) who will be streaming live from the fair and interviewing a host of growers and natural wine luminaries. ‘Bring Your Own’ is a podcast and web series about wine and the people who make it, made by people who drink it. Host Derek Morrison will be inviting guests to share their own bottles that have a special meaning for them.