Real Wine Month

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The Real Wine Month” is a nationwide promotion highlighting organic, biodynamic and natural wines made by artisan growers and winemakers, which will be poured by glass or featured on wine lists and catalogues in over 200 restaurants and independent retailers.

From Cheshire to Cornwall and the Orkneys to Oxfordshire and throughout Ireland, organic, biodynamic and natural wines will be promoted throughout April in around 250 restaurants, independent merchants and wholesalers. Wines featured at The Real Wine Fair will be poured by the glass in pubs, bars, bistros and Michelin-starred establishments, whilst wine shops, retailers and wine clubs will be holding focused wine tastings and events for their customers.

This is an excellent opportunity to engender a wider interest in wine. We understand that the majority of customers are actually open-minded, that sommeliers and retailers relish hand-selling and communicating the stories behind the wines. The more people who are involved in the promotion and the more creative the wine-selling approaches employed, the more consumers end up drinking outside the box. The promotion, moreover, is not just about selling better and more interesting wines (although it fulfils that function), it is also intended to cultivate a spirit of generosity by focusing on the pleasure that wine gives rather than the margin one can make from it.

Ultimately, to use a vague expression, this offer is about raising awareness of what is honest, hand-crafted, singular and not overwrought. A great many of our customers have a strong feeling for these wines; others are making the journey of discovery, and yet others need encouragement to take the first steps.

And it is easy to implement the promotion. If you’re a bar or bistro you can simply chalk the wines as specials on a blackboard or handwrite them onto the menu. Restaurants can highlight them on a page at the front of the wine list or put the wines in a dedicated section with tasting notes or explanation of their provenance. Retailers can put neck tags on bottles, or draw attention by means of shelf talkers or posters in their shops. Social media may be used to direct customers to the wines on special promotion. It is quick, easy and painless – and yet also very very rewarding. Of course, we want to direct people towards our vision of real wines – hand-crafted, individual, interesting wines; we also would like our partners to enthuse their customers, to add spice to their offering.

Check out our Real Wine Month and Events & Tastings pages for more details!

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