Andi Mann

ANDI MANN, Rheinhessen, Germany – Organic

The Mann family had a passion for wine since 1699 when they settled in Eckelsheim to build a farm and plant vines. Andi completed his degree in economics but quickly realized that his desire to take over the family business was stronger than the idea of pursuing a career in business management. He was inspired by the work of Domaine de Saint Pierre, Stefan Vetter and Werlitsch, so he went to Geisenheim to study winemaking, and had fun experimenting with the vines grown on the family estate.  All of Andi’s wines have a clear identity of the style of wine he wants to produce. Natural wines that are full of energy. His wish is to take  biodiversity on their land to the next level, by working with animals.  “For me, natural wines are about openness and intensity of taste, and that’s what I want to show with my wines. I want to produce wines that show where they come from, and if they can show that for a long time – that is my dream and my goal.”

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