Max Dexheimer

MAX DEXHEIMER, RheinhessenBiodynamic (methods)

The Max Dexheimer winery is located in Saulheim, in the center of Rheinhessen. The Walldorf brothers founded the winery in 1896. Max is the 5th generation of winemakers in his family, and he continues his family’s winemaking history by also adding the perspective that winemaking is a balance of nature and workmanship. According to his values vineyards are worked by hand, it goes without saying that the grapes are also harvested only and strictly by hand. The limestone soil in his vines is the key factor, which is reflected in the wines, which add to the wines a flinty minerality and a lot of beautiful tension. In order to produce unique, characterful, and expressive wines, grapes are cultivated and cared for according to basic biodynamic principles.
In the cellars, wines are all spontaneously fermented with their own yeast and aged in old large traditional German Stuckfass or high-quality burgundy oak barrels.


Imported by: Roland Wines

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