Weingut Strohmeier

WEINGUT STROHMEIER, Weststeiermark – Biodynamic


Franz and Christine Strohmeier cultivate 10 hectares of vines in western Styria. The region’s rolling hills are home to some of the Austria’s oldest Sauvignon Blanc vines and a rich viticultural history. Styria is also well known for its progressive natural wine movement, and the Strohmeiers were among the first winemakers in the region to reject chemicals in favour of a more hands-off, holistic approach to farming and winemaking.

The 10 hectares of vines grow on iron rich gneiss soils and are predominantly planted to indigenous white varietals such as Weissburgunder, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Franz and Christine also focus on Blauer Wildbacher, a local red grape famous for making ‘Schilcher’, a poulsard-like red. The wines are held back in the cellar until they are deemed stable enough and ready for release.

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