Vinarija Kriz

VINARIJA KRIZ, Croatia – Organic

Križ Winery are certified organic producers located on the Pelješac peninsula in southern Dalmatia, they work with local varieties Plavac Mali and Grk. The winery comprises only 2.7 hectares of vineyards with a maximum annual production of 6000-8000 bottles (depending on the year).  Grk is an indigenous and very rare variety from which they make a dry macerated, deeply aromatic orange wine. The red wine of Plavac Mali is Pelješac in a bottle, created by blending wines from the Križ and Postup regions. The vineyards on the Križ Hill grow on sandy dolomite soil whereas the vineyard in Postup is situated on limestone, gradually descending toward the sea. The conditions of the vineyards are extreme, with exceptionally difficult, rocky terrain at a slope of up to 45 degrees, the ground deeply contoured in the shape of gutters. Križ have refined the terrain by hand, creating terraces with dry-stone-walls – the protectors and guardians of poor soil. The cultivation of the vineyards and crops is 100% natural and traditional, with some biodynamic practices. Only wild indigenous yeasts are used for fermentation and ageing takes place in neutral large barrels, made of Slavonian oak, for 12 months.

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