MAURER, Fruška Gora & Szabadka

Oszkàr cultivates 15 hectares of land with horses in Szerèmsèg (Fruška Gora) and Szabadka, Serbia. As a 4th generation winemaking family, Oszkàr works with very old vines including an ungrafted 138-year-old Kadarka, the oldest of this kind on the planet. There is also a strong forcus on indigenous grapes like Furmint, Bakator, Kövidinka, Szerèmi Zöld, Olaszrizling and Mèzes Fehèr. The essence of the wine region is the Fruska Gora Mountain. This 500-million-year-old formation is made up of volcanic bedrock and covered with marine sediment resulting in wines with piercing acidity and astonishing minerality. The sub-Mediterranean climate is moderated by the Danube River, running along the foot of the mountain. Oszkàr doesn’t use any chemicals on the vineyard or in his cellar, he only adds a touch of sulphur before bottling.


Imported by: Roland Wines

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