La Niverdière


Martine Budé farms 7 hectares of vines completely on her own. Farming practices have been organic from the very start, and she is also starting to apply some biodynamic practices. In the cellar the work is very minimal, with the aim of showcasing the purity and elegance of Cabernet Franc in as lean and as refined an expression as possible. All the vinifications and elevage happen in concrete tanks, and are always done in infusion style, meaning no punchdowns for a very light and soft extraction. The wines are never fined nor filtered and are bottled with a minimal sulphite addition. Martine’s wines are able to capture the true essence of Cabernet Franc, and the rusticity of Chinon, but with a progressive approach and a distinct personal energy. The wines are lean, soft, and beguiling. Pure and uncompromising expressions of fruit and soil. Serious wines with an undeniable charm.

Imported by: Modal Wines

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