Franz Weninger

FRANZ WENINGER, Mittelburgenland – Biodynamic

Viticulture is sensitive and dedicated to promoting healthy soil structure. Franz Weninger works towards encouraging the most natural and healthy soils for his vines to retain its natural plants and fauna, only mowing one of two times a year. He comes from a long line of growers and strives for the most organic practices where possible.

Since 1828 Weninger have been committed to their soils, with a particular respect for the old vines. Over the years, the farm has seen many grape varieties come and go, with only those suited to the terroir remaining. Blaufränkisch tells us of its heritage and thrives in the biodynamically farmed soils. Clay, limestone, gneiss and mica. Unbound yet deeply rooted. Always striving for more refinement, more depth. The Weninger way of wine.


Imported by Les Caves De PyreneNewcomer Wines

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