Damiano Ciolli

DAMIANO CIOLLI, Olevano Romano

Making wines exclusively from the local Cesanese grape on a total of 4.5 ha divided between two plots in the Olevano Romano area of Lazio, the hilly and mountainous terrain, lying at some 450 metres above sea level, is characterised by its micro climatic conditions. They are these conditions that have allowed over the centuries the development of extensive viticulture and today contribute to the innovative production processes undertaken by the winemakers. Ciolli began to bottle his wines back in 2001 although his family have been working these same vineyards for four generations. All work is done manually and vineyards are farmed organically, only copper and sulphur are used, with compost from local cows mixed in with wild boar compost.



Imported by Les Caves De Pyrène

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