Weingut Bergkloster

Weingut Bergkloster, Jason Groebe, Rheinhessen, Germany – Organic

Young, passionate, with a big heart and a bit of swagger, Jason is part of a group of young winemakers rocketing the wine region of Rheinhessen. It is one of the most beautiful parts of Germany, as they also call it “the land of thousand hills”. Wine has been produced for a long time here, supposedly brought in by the Romans.vJason marks the 5th generation of winemakers at Bergkloster, “abbey on the hill” in German, which has been in their family for over 120 years. The winery has been working organically since 2006, on 7.7ha. After many trials Jason started to take over the estate bit by bit in 2018, he makes wines with minimal intervention. 


Imported by: Modal Wines

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