Scions of Sinai

SCIONS OF SINAI, BERNHARD BREDELL, Lower Helderberg, South Africa

Located in the Lower Helderberg maritime region South of Stellenbosch, Scions of Sinai was founded by Bernhard Bredell in 2016. Having grown up on a wine farm, Bernhard has always felt the desire to get back to his roots. He focuses on using natural methods and minimal intervention, in both the cellar and vineyards, to ensure the wines maintain authenticity to the varietal and their place. But why the name? Scion, in biology, refers to the upper part of the vine or a young shoot, and in Old English it also means descendant. Sinai references Sinai Hill, the foothill of the Lower Helderberg, where the Bredells have farmed the dryland bush-vines for generations. From Sinai Hill, Bernhard sees both himself and his older bush-vines as the Scions of Sinai – descendants of this unique terroir.

Imported By: Indigo Wine

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