Sam Vinciullo

Sam Vinciullo, Australia – Natural

Having worked in California, other parts of Australia and notably Mt Etna, where he worked with, among others, Frank Cornelissen, Sam returned to Western Australia. In his first vintage, he bought fruit from a parcel of vines farmed by his friends Iwo and Sarah from Si Vintners. This vineyard is roughly 3 kilometres from their home vineyard and on similar soils, a mix of loam and classical red gravel. In terms of winemaking, Sam is fanatical about cleanliness and fruit selection. Perfect fruit is fermented, without temperature control, allowed to go through malolactic conversion and bottling takes place anywhere between 5 and 10 months, depending on the style of the vintage. Sam is particularly eager to express the terroir, especially in terms of retaining primary flavours and aromas in the wines, and as such, the wines are a pure representation of this part of Margaret River. Post fermentation and pressing, the wines are handled very, very little and retain a small amount of dissolved carbon dioxide. The wines are not fined or filtered, nor do they have any elevage in oak and sulphur is not used at any stage of the winemaking or bottling.

Imported by Les Caves de Pyrène

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