Folias de Baco


Tiago knew from a young age where his heart belonged. At 13 he attended an agricultural school instead of regular high school, and following university in Portugal he left for Oregon, USA to pursue a PhD in viticulture and oenology. In 2007 he returned to Portugal and took over his grandfather’s vineyards in the Plateau of Alijó, Douro, a zone at 650m altitude where cold night time temperatures slow down ripening and achieve perfect ripeness at low alcohol and with a mouth-watering acidity. Of the twenty hectares he farms, ten are planted with vines over 80 years-old, on a mix of schist, granite, and clay. In the cellar he works completely naturally with no additions aside from minuscule doses of sulphites added to some wines at bottling. The wines are full of life and vibrancy, and showcase a style of Douro wines that was lost a very long time ago.

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