Archil Guinava

ARCHIL GUNIAVA, Imereti – Organic

Archil Guniava Wine Cellar and vineyard is located in Zestaphoni, Kvaliti Village, at the family home, where generations of the family have lived. Vines are planted over 3 hectares. Their location provides for the best soil structure and climate for grapes and is 300 meters above sea level. The plot is planted to many grape varieties: Tsolikauri, Tsitska, Krakhuna, Otskhanuri Sapere, Dzelshavi, Dondglabi, Mgaloblishvili, the latter being very rare. There are spectacular 100 year-old qvevris buried in the Archil’s cellar, where the wine ages for a year before a brief time in stainless steel. Natural winemaking methods are used and normally the wines are made Imeretian style, with around 15% skin maceration.

Imported by: Les Caves De Pyrène

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